5% Inflation SHOCK!

Inflation fears can send investors rushing back to gold. But buying $1,900/oz. gold may not be your best play.

Instead, this “backdoor” gold play into a junior gold exploration stock, Leocor Gold Inc. (LECRF) could possibly make you a small fortune.*

It’s hit peak gains of 718% in a little over a year! [1]

Inflation has spiked 5% sending shockwaves through the investment world.[2]

You may be feeling the heat already.

Gas prices up almost 50% since last year – over $3 a gallon.[3]

Used car and truck prices surged 21%.[4] Lumber prices skyrocketed 124%.

A single piece of plywood costs about $100 right now. Last year? About $38.[5]

Meanwhile, your grocery bill seems to climb higher every week. Everything from bread, meat, eggs and milk is on the rise… and with no end in sight.[6] Global food prices soar a whopping 40% over last year.[7]

Inflation fears continue to mount as President Biden proposes a $6 trillion budget for next year with nearly $2 trillion in deficit spending.

That’s in addition to the U.S. government pumping a staggering $5.5 Trillion of freshly printed dollars into the new COVID economy last year.

Deutsche Bank issued this dire warning[8]

Inflation coupled with out-of-control deficit spending has institutional and individual investors rushing to gold as a safe haven for their money.[9]

No wonder gold has jumped 13.2% in the past two months.[10]

Analysts predict a bullish run for gold – with one analyst estimating for gold to hit $3,000 in 2021 and $4,500 in 2022.[11]*

I believe that the time to find your safe port in the storm is now.

If you want to protect and possibly grow your money significantly in the looming inflationary eruption, you would do well to look at LEOCOR GOLD Inc. (LECRF).*

Leocor Gold (LECRF) is a gold resource and exploration company focused on undervalued and underexplored gold discovery projects. [12]

Recently, Leocor Gold (LECRF) teamed up with one of the best prospectors in the business   and is currently exploring a massive 356,000 acres in the middle of gold-rich Newfoundland. [13]

In a moment, I’ll share with you the amazing prospects of Leocor Gold (LECRF)… and why now may be the perfect time to consider this potentially huge upside investment.

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is James Hyerczyk.*

I’m a technical analyst, trader, market researcher, and educator based in Florida. I started my career nearly 40 years ago as a futures market analyst for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Since then, I’ve been providing quality economic and market analysis to professional traders all across the country. That’s why when inflation and out-of-control government spending is running rampant, I urged traders to get into gold.


North America’s Most Famous Prospector Struck Gold again….Is The Next Gold Rush About To Kick Off?

Meet Shawn Ryan, who is perhaps the most well-known gold prospector in the world. Because in 2009, he kicked off the second gold rush in the Yukon. And people call him the “King of the New Yukon Gold Rush,” because the companies who affiliated with him did VERY well…

For example, there’s Agnico Eagle mines… who’s shares soared from $28 to $70 in four short years after working with him. And now, he has his eyes on the NewFoundland Gold rush. In fact, he said, “Once I started doing my research in there [NewFoundland], I realized there was a lot of potential.”

And do you want to know the best part?

Shawn Ryan is leading Leocor Gold’s exploration of their MASSIVE 356,000 acre claim. One that’s planted in the heart of this gold rush that could make some investors very wealthy. And now’s the perfect time for investors, because the news hasn’t got to Wall Street yet..


So Make Sure You Grab Your Lecor Gold Stock Quote Now!

Your Golden Protector When Inflation Strikes!

For decades smart investors have flocked to gold to protect and grow their wealth.

It’s why Barron’s calls gold “a safe haven asset” [14]

For instance, back in the inflationary 70’s, when the inflation rate quintupled… the price of gold skyrocketed 1,200%.[15]

If you had bought an ounce of gold in 1973 for $65, you could have sold it for $850 in 1980.[16] *

Uncertainty often drives the price of gold. During the COVID Crisis, gold skyrocketed to its highest price ever. It reached $2,067.15 an ounce on August 7, 2020.[17]

But regardless of events, gold has been enjoying a strong bull run in the past 5 ½  years. Its price is up an impressive 77%.

But Even with Inflation Fears Ramping Up…
Is Buying Gold the Right Play Now… Or Is There a Better Gold Investment?

It’s true some economists are predicting gold could continue to climb – soaring to $3,000 or $5,000 an ounce.[18]

We’ve heard these kinds of predictions before. And at nearly $2,000 an ounce, it could be more difficult to see fast gains in gold.*

But what if I told you that I have a “backdoor” gold play that returned an impressive 180% in the past five years – more than doubling the gains of gold.*

And in addition to outperforming gold… returns on this backdoor gold play clobbered just about everything else in the past 5 years.

The Backdoor Gold Move That Could Beat Them All — Leocor Gold (LECRF)

Now, you can rush out and buy actual gold bullion or gold coins and hide them in a secret room in the basement or pay through the nose for secure storage.

Or, you can enjoy the lucrative rewards of gold investing – without the hassle –by going in though the back door and invest in gold mining stocks.

These are the companies that hunt for gold and dig it out of the ground.  While gold mining stocks are no doubt risky, they have been on a tear.

In addition to more than doubling the returns of gold over the past five years, gold mining stocks have beat the DOW, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. Take a look.

As you can see, Gold Mining Stocks are posting some incredible returns – nearly tripling investors’ gains.

Imagine a $25,000 investment in gold in 2015 and you’d have $70,000 at the end of 2020. If you’d put that same money into an S&P 500 index fund you could have a little over $45,000.* Not bad.

But why settle? In the past five years investors in some gold mining stocks have seen some mouth-watering profits. For instance[19]:

  • Gold Fields Limited (GFI) rose from 3.98 in early 2016 to $11.44 today [20] a gain of 187%.
  • Newmont Corp (NEM), the world’s largest gold mining company, jumped from $26.62 a share in early 2016 to $70.95 today [21] – a gain of 167%.
  • Kinross Gold Corp (KGC) went from just $3.48 a share five years ago to $7.88 today [22] – a gain of 127% .
  • Polyus PAO (OPYGY) went from $28.25 in 2016 to $115 today [23]— a gain of 307%.

I’ve just shown you the gains of five of the biggest gold mining companies in the world.  As you can see, they’re impressive and investors have done well.*


Leocor’s High-Gold Dirt Samples Shocked Investors! Get your Stock Quote Before This Gets To Wall Street

Leocor Gold CEO Alex Klenman just said…

“Recent samples taken on the project confirmed the high grade nature of the gold mineralization. We’re moving ahead with geological mapping and sampling with all our properties.”

This means Leocor’s 356,000 ACRE claim in the NewFoundland gold rush could be one of the most valuable in the region. Other nearby gold exploration companies’ share prices have soared in the last year. And this recent discovery is BIG news for Leocor Gold investors.

Be Sure To Grab Your Leocor Gold Stock Quote Before News Spreads 

But you can do better. 

Because I want to share with you what I believe to be a better, faster way to invest in gold mining for big potential life-changing gains.

If you’re willing to take on more risk for more reward then I urge you to consider gold stocks known as “junior gold exploration” companies.*

These are much smaller companies who haven’t begun drilling for gold yet. Instead they’re exploring for large gold deposits. They’re actively looking and testing for new potential mine sights.

They revel in the thrill of the hunt – finding the gold for miners to mine.

One of these junior gold companies that is apparently hitting the attention of savvy gold investors is Leocor Gold (LECRF). Their stock launched in June 2019 and within 14 months had surged a whopping 718%![24] [25]

Reports are that Leocor (LECRF) has recently hit what many are claiming to be “the sweet spot” in gold discovery. [26]

If this potential discovery pans out, (no pun intended) investors could double their money very quickly… and possibly triple, or even quadruple their money. It’s happened before.*

As I said before, investing in junior exploration companies has more risk, but Leocor Gold (LECRF) may potentially be the best way for interested investors to jump on this exciting backdoor play in gold.

Let me show you.

Making the Most of Golden Times

In Newfoundland, a mini gold-rush is underway… thanks to the surging price of gold.

In fact, mining for gold is at an all-time high in central Newfoundland. [27]

According to Resource World Magazine — the Bible for gold miners’ and their investors’…

“The current exploration activity in the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt presents a solid opportunity for mining stock investors.”[28]

And geologist and Memorial University professor, Derek Wilton, proclaims… “The rocks are good! You can’t have gold deposits without having the right rocks. And the rocks in central Newfoundland… have the right geology.”[29] More than a dozen gold mining companies are actively exploring and mining in Newfoundland. [30] And many of their stock prices are soaring.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a few…

Anaconda Mining Inc. currently mines over 16,000 ounces of gold a year[31] … worth about $28 million. [32] Stock price has skyrocketed a staggering 425%.

Initial studies show that Maritime could generate $110.5 million when they begin production by 2022.[33] Its stock price has more than tripled—gaining 250%![34]

Marathon plans to put its Valentine Gold Project into production by 2023.

Its share price has skyrocketed from 20 cents a share to $1.98.[35] That’s nearly a 1,000% increase – a rare 10-bagger! Imagine every $10,000 invested in 2016 is worth $100,000 today.*

But one junior gold mining company, Leocor Gold (LECRF) has just snagged 556 square miles (or 356,000 acres) smack dab in the midst of gold-rich Newfoundland.[36]

The CEO of Leocor Gold (LECRF), Alex Klenman, raved, This project ground has had limited exploration to date, and we feel the geology, location, historical and recent results all indicate this is a highly prospective, prime target for an aggressive, large scale gold exploration program.” [37]

Not only that, but this forward-thinking company has partnered a renowned gold prospector as he is known by Popular Mechanics.


Early Investors Could See Elephant Sized Gains As Leocor’s Soil Sample Results Come Roaring Back…

Leocor Gold has the world’s best prospectors looking for gold in NewFoundland. And their soil samples are starting to come back in, and let’s just say, these explorers are VERY excited.

NOW is the time to consider Leocor Gold. Because once institutional investors come pouring in, it may be too late…but right now, it’s flying under the radar…

And that’s great news for you.

See Leocor Gold’s Stock Quote HERE Before News Circulates

Mining News North refers to this gold whiz kid as the prospector with the “Midas Touch.” [38]

And this “superstar prospector” as Natural Resource Magazine calls him[39] is heading up gold exploration for Leocor Gold Inc. (LECRF) in one of the largest – and potentially richest – gold source in all of Newfoundland.

If you’re hunting for the perfect gold play to grow and protect your wealth in this time of global inflation and the unending trillion-dollar deficits, then you may want to consider Leocor Gold (LECRF).*  

CEO Alex Klenman reports…

It’s been a very big year for us in terms of  acquisitions. Recent samples taken on the prospects confirmed the high-grade nature of the gold mineralization. We’re moving ahead with geological mapping and sampling with all of our properties. And leading our efforts in Newfoundland is Shawn Ryan, a proven prospector with a great track record of meaningful discovery..” [40] [41]

“The World’s Greatest Gold Prospector”

In the world of Canadian gold exploration and mining, Shawn Ryan is a legend. He may be the most famous gold prospector in North America, perhaps the whole world.[42]

He  almost singlehandedly kicked off a massive second gold rush in the Yukon territories of northwest Canada in 2009. Gold deposits in the Yukon are estimated in millions of gold ounces, which would be worth billions of dollars at today’s gold prices.[43]

The New York Times christened Ryan the “king of the New Yukon Gold Rush.”[44]

Yukon gold mining companies affiliated with Shawn Ryan have done incredibly well – and so have their investors. For instance:

When Ryan inked a deal with Agnico Eagle Mines, a senior Canadian gold mining company back in 2016, Agnico’s stock stood at $28 a share. Today it’s close to $70 – a gain of 150%![45]

And now Ryan has turned his Midas touch to eastern Canada, specifically Newfoundland.

As he says, “Once I started doing my research in there [Newfoundland], I realized there was a lot of potential.” [46]

What makes Ryan such a prolific finder of gold?

Over the past 20 years he has developed an extensive soil sampling program using proprietary machines he invented. [47] He’s known to take thousands of soil samples to analyze the metallic elements present, such as gold.

Ryan is famous for his technical analysis gathered by sophisticated drones he invented and remote control drills he tweaked. He uses satellites to collect data. He’s the only prospector to throw sophisticated cameras down drill holes seeing what no one else sees. His 3D ground maps are forty times more detailed than Google Earth. [48]

He has a nose for gold and he is already a millionaire several times over. [49]


Leocor Gold Is Sitting Below $1…Creating A Very Interesting Entry Point For Smart Gold Investors…

You can do MUCH BETTER than traditional gold investors. And this “Backdoor Gold Play” already returned an impressive 180% in the past 5 years. Meaning that buying $1,900/oz gold might not be your best play. 

And right now is the perfect time to consider Leocor Gold. Why? Because you’re reading this before the exciting news on this page reaches the mainstream media…

So Click Here To Get Your Stock Quote Before Wall Street

And now, Leocor (LECRF) and Shawn Ryan are partnering to explore 556 square miles of gold-rich Newfoundland.[50] Ryan is Leocor’s Technical Adviser overseeing the company’s exploration efforts over the coming months using his proprietary leading-edge methods.

CEO Alex Klenman declares, “We have the perfect trifecta for an impactful and perhaps significant gold discovery. First, we have massive scale with the Western Exploit District covering 556 square miles. Very few junior minor companies are able to explore such a large land package. Second, Newfoundland is a gold hotspot right now. And third, we have one of the best prospectors in the business overseeing our exploration efforts.”[51]

Shawn Ryan is equally enthused, “Newfoundland is getting ready to go through one the most aggressive gold exploration phases. I’m pleased to work with the Leocor team. With the compilation and interpretation of new data, Leocor will be the first company to directly target and evaluate these new areas.[52]

When news began trickling out at the end of April that Leocor (LECRF) and Ryan would be teaming up to explore the Western Exploit District, shares have quickly doubled![53]

And when soil sample results from Western Exploit start coming in over the next few months, investors could potentially see another doubling, tripling, quadrupling… even 10X or more… on their investment.

CEO Alex put it bluntly, “The size, scale and location of our projects are conducive to attracting significant institutional money.”[54]*

Once institutional investors start pouring in, the price could skyrocket. As an individual investor, I believe the time is NOW to consider Leocor Gold (LECRFwhile it flies under the big investors radar… while the price is under $1.00 a share as of July 2021.*

In addition to the Western Elite District, Leocor (LECRF) has snapped up properties all over Newfoundland with abundant historical data of multiple gold occurrences. [55]

The properties are located just south of Anaconda and north of Marathon where nearly 6 million ounces of gold are believed to exist on those properties. [56]And Leocor (LECRF) could well be at the heart of more rich gold deposits. 

Leocor Gold’s (LECRF) Impressive Portfolio of Properties

Leocor’s flagship exploration project is the Dorset Gold Project.[57]

This property lies just north of Marathon’s enormous new gold findings in the Baie Verte peninsula in Newfoundland.

It’s believed that the same gold trend lines fueling both Marathon and Anaconda’s gold riches also run through Leocor’s Dorset Gold.[58]

In August of 2020, Leocor Gold purchased two new mining sites in Copper Creek and Five Mile Brook. [59]As CEO Alex Klenman shares…

“The Baie Verte area is one of the most prolific gold mining districts in Canada. And we’ve bridged the gap between Marathon in the South and Anaconda in the North. Exploration results to date are impressive, and show there is high grade gold in the system.”[60]

Along with this purchase in August, Leocor (LECRF) also hit peak gains of 718% in the same month.

Then in December 2020,[61] Leocor purchased the Startrek Property covering 27 square miles[62] just east of Gander.  More than 50 gold occurrences have been discovered at Startrek already. Test samplings have indicated the presence of high-grade gold. [63]

CEO Alex Klenman is excited to report, “With our most recent acquisition, Leocor Gold now owns the largest contiguous land package in Newfoundland for a junior mining company. Our probability of meaningful discovery on an impactful scale is significantly raised.” [65]

Leocor Properties 2021[64]
590 Square Miles in Gold-Rich Newfoundland

2018 – Dorset Gold Flagship Property 2.3 square miles

July 2020 – Copper Creek and Five Mile Brook 5.3 square miles

December 2020 – StartTrek 26.4 square miles

April 2021 — Hodges Hill, Leamington and Robert’s Arm 556 square miles

[51] From Atlantic Project portfolio, coverted hectares into square miles.

Now of course, Leocor (LECRF)is not making any promises that gold will definitely be found on any of its Newfoundland properties. That wouldn’t be scientific. But the exceptional sampling tests are evidence that substantial gold deposits are a distinct possibility. And the sheer size of Leocor’s (LECRFholdings in gold-rich Newfoundland significantly increases the probabilities of hitting the mother lode of gold.

You may certainly want to consider Leocor (LECRF) for your portfolio now – before any discoveries are made and mining operations begin.* Because if and when that happens, its stock price may soar as Leocor (LECRFmoves from the exploratory phase and grows closer to production. 

Simply go to www.leocorgold.com to get on their mailing lists to be among the first to hear of any new and exciting announcements.

A New Gold Boom

Everything is falling into place for Newfoundland’s own version of the gold rush And junior miner exploration companies, like Leocor Gold (LECRF) are killing it right now!

Three triggers are fueling this New Gold Boom.[66]

  1. The surging price of gold on the international markets.
  1. The promising geology reports about Newfoundland.[67]
  1. The provincial government’s welcoming role in any current or future mining development. Since February 2017, the government has pumped upwards of $2.3 billion in capital investments to mining companies working in the area. [68]

Junior miners like Leocor (LECRFmay hold the key to new supplies in gold as they continue to search for new gold deposits and announce new gold finds.

I do want to tell you that investing in juniors can be more speculative and volatile.* With that said, junior miners can also mean big returns… such as Marathon’s 1,000% gains[69] and Leocor’s (LECRFpeak gains of 718% in just 14 months. [70]


Inflation Skyrockets By 300% In 2021

Right now, we’re seeing the highest inflation rates since 2008. The White House is printing trillions of dollars, devaluing your dollar, and raising prices for everyone.

But Here’s A Surprising Way To Shield Your Wealth From Inflation

Now may be the perfect time to invest in junior gold miners. And if you decide to do so, I hope you will consider Leocor Gold (LECRF).

Simply go their website, www.leocorgold.com, and request to be placed on their mailing list. You’ll find additional and helpful information here.

Or share this report with your broker and consider buying shares in Leocor (LECRF). It’s that easy.

10 Golden Reasons Why LEOCOR GOLD (LECRF) May Be Your Best and Most Profitable Inflation Play

Leocor Gold, Inc. (LECRF) is selling for under $1 a share as of May 2021 – and could be a very attractive investment for folks concerned about inflationary pressures… or for any investor looking for a more speculative investment with the potential to make strong gains in a shorter amount of time. No guarantees, of course. But with Washington spending out-of-control and gold poised to soar past $3,000 an ounce, Leocor is worth your consideration.  Let’s recap why.

10 Golden Takeaways:

  1. The U.S. government is spending staggering amounts of money it doesn’t have. It is printing new money and promising higher taxes. Biden’s budget is a staggering $6 trillion dollars. Inflation is back!
  2. As a result, gold prices are soaring and demand for gold is increasing. Gold experts believe we could be in the midst of a significant gold bull run and predict gold could climb to $3,000 to $5,000 an ounce.*
  3. I believe gold is one of the best assets you can invest in times of volatility and uncertainty – hitting $2,067 an ounce in the midst of the COVID pandemic in August 2020. [71]
  4. But instead of buying gold, the smart money is heading for a backdoor move into gold. They’re rushing to gold mining stocks, which have more than doubled the gains of gold over the past 5 years. [72]
  5. Leocor Gold (LECRF) holds a massive 590 square miles in gold-rich Newfoundland. [73]
  6. The Newfoundland government is offering millions in incentives to draw gold exploration and mining companies to the area. [74] [75]
  7. Leocor Gold (LECRF) has teamed with the renowned prospector Shawn Ryan to start progressive exploration programs in the Western Exploit District in the heart of Newfoundland. This area covers numerous geological corridors favorable to gold mineralization. [76]
  8. Leocor’s preliminary modelling indicates its project ground is highly prospective for gold deposition on a number of their properties. Aggressive exploration and testing continues into 2021 on all their properties.[77]
  9. Most junior gold miner stocks are penny stocks and Leocor (LECRF) is no exception. At the current price of gold you could buy one tiny ounce of gold[78], or you could buy 2,913 shares of Leocor Gold (LECRF)[79]. It’s the easy way to jump into gold to protect and grow your money during inflationary times.
  10. It’s pretty easy to trade too. Leocor (LECRF) trades on the American OTCQB making it easier for US investors to buy and trade Leocor’s stock. [80]

Now is a Good Time to Act on This Promising Opportunity

While we don’t know when it will happen, results from Leocor’s 2021 exploration could be announced very soon. Newfoundland is already on gold investors’ radar screens and gold discoveries here are creeping more and more into the news!

Any report of a new gold discovery (or other promising news) could send Leocor (LECRF) shares skyrocketing at a moment’s notice. Just like its share price doubling on news of their partnership with Shawn Ryan on the Western Exploit District.

Here’s how to learn more about Newfoundland’s 2021 promising gold rush and Leocor Gold’s (LECRF) prospects for investors.

Simply go to www.leocorgold.com. While on site, be sure to register your email address for future announcements from the company, particularly those that report ongoing exploration results. Click on “Get News Alerts!” at the top of the home page and sign up. 

Look Into and Consider Leocor Gold (LECRF)

If you wish to be among the early bird big winners in Leocor’s golden opportunity, then I suggest you show this report to your investment advisor or broker right away.

Leocor (LECRF) is a junior gold mining company. It has the potential for higher rewards than other gold opportunities, but it also comes with higher risk. And past performance is no guarantee of future results.

So never invest more than you can afford to lose and do not chase losses. And to minimize risk, any investment you may make in Leocor (LECRF) should be part of a wider asset allocation strategy in your portfolio.*

But with that strong caution to you, I believe my analysis of the potentially huge reward of investing in Leocor Gold Inc. (LECRF) is a good one.

Wishing you success in all your investments.


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